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Dreams, igniting the inner fire within and steadfast integrity are fundamental motivations driving the passion for my work.  Dedication to my photography over the last 15 years has created a beautiful stride with my craft. With this dedication, consistency and experience, I am able to offer clients the confidence and security to pursue a variety of projects both large and small. From high fashion editorials, portraits for individuals/teams, products, to lifestyle branding, I can successfully add an edge unique to each client.  

Five years of living and working in Los Angeles has expanded my creative palette to include art direction, filming video content, and graphic design. The experience I've gained in conceptualizing, producing, shooting, designing final layouts, and branding, led to successful marketing campaigns for clients, giving me a thorough understanding of what it takes to see a project to fruition. 

What gives me complete satisfaction? Seeing my projects flourish, and most importantly, that gleam in a client’s eyes when exceeding their expectations! 

Photo by Blake Eirmann

Photo by Blake Eirmann

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