Hair, Whiskey, and Classic Rock

One of my favorite things to do in LA on my free time you ask? Collaborating with Stephen Cornelius on hair for photo shoots, photographing beautiful souls, drinkin' whiskey, and listening to classic rock...Now- combine all of those things...and ya got me dancing with joy all night. Check out the results and the ridiculous fun I had with Stephen Cornielus (INSTA: @guysdohair), Kristen Greggerson (INSTA: @whatupkristen), and Jess Utley (INSTA: @jutley18).

Midnight Creepin'

A few nights ago I met up with one of my dearest friends, muse, and extremely talented designer- Brittney Garcia, AKA "Wiggy". We were looking to get weird and show off her newly designed bralette. I wanted the shoot to feel grungy, simple, and keep it spontaneous! I threw my flash on, creeped around my hood, and made her climb on cars. It's liberating to let go of technique and just HAVE FUNNNNNN. Follow her on Instagram : @mbrinnyg