Grunge. Spice. Everything Nice.

Creating an open, playful, and comfortable environment is a necessity to me. When two people vibe with each other and let go of insecurities, a special beauty radiates from within each person. We are a reflection of one another. THAT is the magic I crave when shooting as well as the connection I seek with anyone that comes into my life or stands in front of my camera.

Sarah McTaggert...This girl is not only an INSANE singer/songwriter/painter/ARTIST, she gets my weirdness and is always down to ride on whatever  idea I have...only she makes it BETTER. This girl shines, and their is no way you can take your eyes off of her. Check out this shoot we did together about 2 weeks ago. We collaborated on hair and makeup, and threw together this beautifully random Spice Girl meets alien grunge shoot. I couldn't be happier with the results. BABEEE. Comment. Love. :))

Hair, Whiskey, and Classic Rock

One of my favorite things to do in LA on my free time you ask? Collaborating with Stephen Cornelius on hair for photo shoots, photographing beautiful souls, drinkin' whiskey, and listening to classic rock...Now- combine all of those things...and ya got me dancing with joy all night. Check out the results and the ridiculous fun I had with Stephen Cornielus (INSTA: @guysdohair), Kristen Greggerson (INSTA: @whatupkristen), and Jess Utley (INSTA: @jutley18).