Feelin' Feisty?

Do you ever have that moment in the week (every day), where you feel fiery as f*%k? One minute I feel like a whimsical butterfly and the next minute...one of the dragons in Game of Thrones. Let's all take a moment to respect this totally acceptable and very normal behavior. It happens. Life happens. We are all beautiful, no matter what state of mind. 

Here is a photo I shot of the beautiful Monica Adeng. She is the sweetest woman ever but I definitely captured her feisty side ;).


Grunge. Spice. Everything Nice.

Creating an open, playful, and comfortable environment is a necessity to me. When two people vibe with each other and let go of insecurities, a special beauty radiates from within each person. We are a reflection of one another. THAT is the magic I crave when shooting as well as the connection I seek with anyone that comes into my life or stands in front of my camera.

Sarah McTaggert...This girl is not only an INSANE singer/songwriter/painter/ARTIST, she gets my weirdness and is always down to ride on whatever  idea I have...only she makes it BETTER. This girl shines, and their is no way you can take your eyes off of her. Check out this shoot we did together about 2 weeks ago. We collaborated on hair and makeup, and threw together this beautifully random Spice Girl meets alien grunge shoot. I couldn't be happier with the results. BABEEE. Comment. Love. :))